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Environmental news

ERA is committed to supporting a transition to more sustainable aviation. To achieve this requires utilising a basket of measures and the association is therefore active on a number of environmental initiatives, including the EU ETS, CORSIA, the European Green Deal and Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs), to ensure they are fit for purpose for the industry and can make a real contribution to reducing aviation's environmental footprint.

See also our sustainable aviation pages here for more information on our sector and our members' environmental initiatives.

French climate law

French President Macron presented a proposal for a new climate bill, called 'Law on climate and resilience' on Wednes

Eurocontrol Data Snapshot

On 16 February, EUROCONTROL published a Data Snapshot on CO2 emissions.

ECAC’s fourth environmental forum

On January 19, 20 and 21 ECAC hosted the fourth environmental forum.

EU ETS updated rules for aviation

The European Commission has opened the public consultation on the EU ETS revision for aviation.

Update on aviation’s non-CO2 effects

The European Commission has requested that the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) conduct an updated analys

EU Taxonomy public consultation

The European Commission has opened the public consultation on EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance criteria on climate

ERA’s ESG virtual meeting – 27 November

On Friday 27 November, ERA hosted its second virtual Environmental and Social Group meeting, which addressed the late

Second roundtable of the ReFuelEU initiative

On 10 November, the European Commission organised the second roundtable of the ReFuelEU initiative and discussed poli

EASA Environmental label – airlines TEG

On Monday 23 November, EASA held an airlines technical expert group on the Environmental label, which ERA participate

Draft Climate Bank Roadmap 2021–2025

On 6 November 2020, the European Investment Bank published the draft Climate Bank Roadmap 2021–2025.

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on sustainability

On 27 October EUROCONTROL hosted the Stakeholder Forum on sustainability as part of their 'build back better' series.

Ecolabel working group

On 8 October, the Airline Working Group met to resume the discussions on the Ecolabel and next steps.

ATAG’s Waypoint 2050

Waypoint 2050 was launched by ATAG during this year’s 2020 Global Sustainable Aviation Forum.

ECA Special Report on the EU ETS: Free allocation of allowances

On Tuesday, 15 September 2020, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) will publish the Special Report ‘The EU’s Emissio

Revision of the EU ETS Directive concerning aviation

In light of the European Commission’s impact assessment on the EU ETS Directive concerning aviation, ERA has submitte

Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy

ERA has responded on 10 August to the public consultation on the Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy of the Europ

EASA’s sustainable aviation fuel facilitation initiative

In January 2019, the European Aviation Environmental Report (EAER) identified a lack of information on supply and dem

Update on Commission sustainability and operational consultations

In recent weeks, the European Commission have launched consultations that have a bearing on ERA membership interests

ERA’s Green and Sustainable Connectivity webinar

On 1 July 2020, ERA held a webinar for its members to outline its Green and Sustainable Connectivity report, includin

CORSIA baseline decision

On 30 June, the ICAO Council reached an agreement to use 2019 emissions only for the baseline of CORSIA during the pi

GHG emissions reduced by 8.7% in Europe

On 4 May, DG CLIMA published a note stating that the EU’s overall 2019 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have been reduc

ERA Environmental and Social Group meeting

On 2 April, the first ERA Environmental and Social Group meeting took place to discuss current environmental issues,

Ecolabel working group

On 24 March the Airline Working Group met to further discuss developments on the EASA Ecolabel initiative.

CEFA meeting – 24 January

On 24 January 2020, the first Council for Environmentally Friendly Aviation associations meeting of 2020 was held, or