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Operations, Safety and Infrastructure


Dec 23 air_ops_regluatory_update_2024_2023-12-11_09_32_35.pdf
Dec EASA_environmental_activities_2023-12-11_09_32_40.pdf
Dec 23 EASA_framework_support_to_operational_improvements_2023-12-12_12_48_07.pdf
Dec 23 EGNOS_environmental_assessment_2023-12-11_09_32_45.pdf
Dec 23 new_fuel_scheme_implementation_2023-12-11_09_32_50.pdf
Dec 23 beams_safety_ai_platform_2023-12-11_09_33_43.pdf
Dec 23 EASA_part-is_2023-12-08_17_27_13_2023-12-11_09_33_47.pdf
Dec 23 evair_2023-12-11_09_33_51.pdf
Dec 23 safety_promotion_2023-12-11_09_33_56.pdf
Dec 23 SIB_2023-08_on_reporting_hf_issues_2023-12-11_09_33_57.pdf
Dec 23 take-off_with_erroneous_take-off_data_2023-12-11_09_33_58.pdf

The recent meeting presentations are available to download from this page.

ERA's operations, safety and infrastructure domain hold regular meetings with members to share best practices, experiences, debate and agree positions on upcoming regulatory policy as well as providing a platform for detailed discussion on upcoming technical enablers and initiatives. The Air Safety and Operations Groups hold face to face meetings twice a year. Whilst separate forums in the their own right, they run in conjunction with each other to allow for maximum participation, and to enable deeper discussion where topics overlap.

Who should attend?  Representatives from member companies involved in air safety issues, flight operations or flight operations support.
What does it cost to attend?  Meetings are free to attend for any representative from an ERA member company.
Who do I contact if I have any questions about the group?
When is the next meeting?  Details of the next meeting will be listed at the top of this page.
How do I register for the next meeting?  Please click on ERA Group Events (in blue) at the top of the page to transfer to the registration page.
What happened at the last meeting?  Download the minutes and presentations from the last meeting from the drop-down menu.
Who is the chair and vice chair/s for the group? See the photos and names at the bottom of the page.

If you are a representative from a member company and require a password to retrieve papers or downloads, please contact

Juan Manuel Diaz Mayoral
Operations Chair
Air Nostrum
Alain Corbel
Air Safety Chair
Brice Reding
Air Safety Vice Chair

Manager Policy and Technical Contact

Nick Rhodes, Manager Policy and Technical