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Virtual ATAG meeting on carbon offsetting

Virtual ATAG meeting on carbon offsetting

16 May 2023: The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) is preparing a virtual briefing with the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) on the subject of 'Managing Aviation’s CO2 impact: an introduction to carbon offsetting' on Thursday 1 June from 1400 to 1530 CEST.

ATAG is a group representing all sector of commercial aviation and as aviation is committed to decarbonising, the strategy for minimising CO2 implies market-based measures such as carbon offsetting. As such, the webinar will provide a basic understanding on ICAO CORSIA and IATA Aviation Carbon Exchange and will review the aviation’s climate action strategy. There will also be experts from the International Emissions Trading Association who will explain the carbon market and pricing solutions.

Among the speakers, will be Haldane Dodd, Executive Director of ATAG, Ellen Lourie,Director, NCS and Aviation at IETA, Michael Schneider, Assistant Director Environmental Programs at IATA and Jonathon Counsell, Head of Sustainability from IAG.

This webinar is aimed at airlines, airports and air navigation services as well as aviation associations. To attend the meeting, register online using this link before 24 May. The agenda is attached for download from the top right of this page.