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EASA publishes EPAS for consultation

EASA publishes EPAS for consultation

8 July 2021: EASA shared with the Stakeholder Advisory Body the initial draft European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) 2022-2026, on 5 July.

The EPAS covers the areas of safety, environment, efficiency, and level playing field. It provides a comprehensive picture of all EU initiatives to improve aviation safety and environmental protection.

The need to focus on a safe return to operations and alleviate the regulatory burden on stakeholders continue to shape this EPAS edition.

This 11th EPAS edition does not introduce any major changes as EASA proposes to postpone by another year the full review of EPAS strategic priorities for a post-crisis aviation system.

The initial draft EPAS 2022-2026 consists of two volumes.

  • Volume I provides an executive summary, introduction and describes the strategic priorities and enablers. It consists of Chapters 1 to 4.
  • Volume II provides 182 active EPAS actions, including Rulemaking Tasks (RMTs), Safety Promotion Tasks (SPTs), Member State Tasks (MSTs), Research projects (RES) and Evaluations (EVT). 25 new actions are proposed, a majority of which are new Research projects. Volume II also includes information on 10 actions completed this year and on further 9 actions expected to be completed by year end. These are kept for your information and will be removed for the final EPAS. Volume II consists of Chapters 5 to 16.
  • An updated Volume III with domain Safety Risk Portfolios will be provided for with the final draft of the EPAS later in the year.

The latest list of acronyms and definitions are included and can be accessed here

Please note that the initial draft EPAS 2022-2026 has not been subject to proofreading and editing by EASA.

Members will be contacted directly for their feedback ahead of the consultation closing on 27th August.