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Flight efficiency

Flight efficiency

27 July 2021: A recently-released Data Snapshot from EUROCONTROL has highlighted the need for additional indicators in the context of flight efficiency monitoring.

The current environmental metric in the EU performance scheme is horizontal en-route flight efficiency (HFE) indicator, which compares the actual route with the shortest distance between flight origin and destination (great circle distance (GCD).

For some time, airspace users have challenged the single concept of HFE, and ERA is pleased note that EUROCONTROL recognises the limitations as it does not correspond to the fuel or environmental optimum profile.

We look forward to working closely with EUROCONTROL and industry partners building on the HFE concept and agreeing suitably granular metrics and key performance indicators that better reflect environmental performance of the airlines and the sometimes ‘hidden’ inefficiencies in the airspace.  

To access the data snapshot, please click here.

For detailed explanation as to the methodology as to how HFE, and the two indicators, KEA (Key performance Environment indicator based on Actual trajectory) and KEP (Key performance Environment indicator based on last filed flight Plan) are used, please click here.