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Austria publish PBN transition plan for consultation

Austria publish PBN transition plan for consultation

16 November 2021: In line with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1048, ERA have been invited to comment on the recently-published first released version of the Austrian PBN transition plan.

The Austrian PBN transition plan has successfully passed the Network Manager consultation process (presentation available here and is found in the Appendix 1 to the European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP) Part 2 – ARN Version 2020-2024.

In order to fulfill the requirements from the Austrian National Supervisory Authority, ERA members have been requested by Austrian ANSP – Austrocontrol - to provide their comments where applicable.

Please contact with your feedback no later than 1500UTC on Friday 26 November.

(Please note that the plan still refers to the PCP Implementing Regulation (EU) 716/2014, which was superseded on 21/02/2021) This will be updated in the final version.

The plan can be accessed here.