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6 September 2021: Further to the update and paper below communicated to members on 21April, ERA has received additional information from LPLG Avocats with respect to the first cases that we were assigned for ERA members put before ACNUSA. 

ERA has received additional information from Jean-Jacques Le-Pen from ERA member LPLG Avocats following appeals put before the Administrative Court of Paris.

The update can be found here. Note that this document is locked for members only.


21 April 2021: Since late 2019, ERA member airlines have worked with Jean-Jacques Le Pen at LPLG Avocats on the mitigation and potential resolution of ACNUSA penalties and fines issued by the authority.

At the last face-to-face Operations Group meeting in spring 2020, an update was provided to members where it was mentioned that investigations were ongoing, legal positions being explored and a threat of increased fines was being considered.

LPLG have kindly produced a paper for members that gives a detailed update on the current state of play and provides perspectives going forward.

We are delighted that Jean-Jacques will be briefing the ERA Operations Group on 5 May and taking questions from members on this important file. To register, please click here