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Norwegian ambitions for electric aircraft

The report on Norwegian ambitions for establishing the electrification of short-haul passenger aircraft was published in March.

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport has commissioned Avinor and the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway (CAA Norway) to propose a programme for the introduction of electrified aircraft in Norway. Norway highly depends on aviation and, therefore, must find fossil fuel-free alternatives.

The report outlines challenges to developing electric aircraft, such as developing appropriate total solutions for new aircraft, the fact that aircraft manufacturers might not find the short haul segment interesting to invest in, that there might be changes in safety regulations, the time and resources will be necessary to develop and certify electric aircraft, and the risk associated with being the to buy electric aircraft.

The report then sets out recommendations and goals. Norway will be the forerunner in electric aircraft. By 2030, domestic flights will be electrified and by 2040 all civil domestic aviation in Norway will be operated on electric aircraft. It is expected that GHG emissions will be reduced by at least 80 per cent compared to 2020.

In order to reach these goals, the joint multiannual international zero-emissions programme developed CAA Norway and EASA will be further developed, a roadmap will be developed by a working group formed by airlines, manufacturers, airports and regulators and an international arena or centre will be established in Norway for the development, testing and implementation of zero-/low-emission technology. Additionally, an ad-hoc airspace should be established for testing purposes, an administrative and economic scheme should be designed to support the establishment and operation of facilities and organisation related to the testing in Norway.