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Industry urges keeping EU261 revision on the Council agenda


Letter to Ministers Lambrecht and Scheuer Reg.261

As the revision of EU261 might not be on the agenda of the German presidency of the Council of the EU starting from 1 July, ERA co-signed a joint industry letter addressed to German authorities urging to resume discussions that had started well during the Croatian Presidency and were ended abruptly because of the pandemic. The letter - which can be downloaded below – draws the attention to the impact of passenger rights regulation on the financial health of airlines and the lack of clarity of the current rules and their many divergent interpretations. As the consequences of the current pandemic come on top of or even aggravate pre-existing issues, airline associations emphasize that a better regulation is needed more than ever and any further delay will not serve the interests of the industry or consumers. From a revised regulatory framework that provides rules which are simpler and easier to apply, all involved parties will benefit from, including airlines, passengers and enforcement authorities as well.

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