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First online Industry Affairs Group meeting

The first ERA Industry Affairs Group (IAG) meeting of this year was held online on 1 April with a virtual presence of numerous members. The meeting addressed all the hot topics in European regulatory affairs that the airline industry is currently focussing on. 

Given the current circumstances, the first IAG meeting of this year was held on 1 April in the virtual space in form of a conference call. The meeting, connecting more than 30 participants online, started with an ERA update on aviation policy files and recent industry affairs activities. Topics addressed were the current status of the evaluation of Regulation 1008/2008 (with demonstrating policy areas likely to change) and the Airport Charges Directive (with still many options on the table), social dialogue issues, airline and aircraft manufacturer consolidation as well as the recent actions in the field of ticket distribution. Following an update given by kk consult on the various work streams in the area of ground handling, ERA reported about the industry-related actions in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak with a special focus on lobbying efforts put into EU261 amendment. During this session, a repository of worldwide best practices of economic relief measures intended to help the aviation industry was also presented, that form the basis of ERA’s Policy Asks document accessible on the ERA website.

As next on the agenda, Hume Brophy addressed Brexit giving an insightful update on its current status, emphasising that details of the future EU-UK aviation agreement will have to be negotiated in a wider context and in limited timeframe given the fact that negotiations are put on hold because of the health crisis. Afterwards, participants had the chance to learn about recent EU261 court cases, presented by the law firm Kadrant. Finally, a representative of Steer joined the meeting to inform ERA members about the near publication of the impact assessment study of the Slots Regulation, the ongoing work on the fact-finding study mapping the status of ground handling in the EEA, as well as the ex-post evaluation of the air PRM regulation to be launched soon. All presentations of the first online IAG meeting are accessible on ERA’s website here.