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European Commission’s open public consultations

The following public consultations that have been launched by the European Commission recently:

EU Emission Trading System – updated rules for aviation

The revision will at how to integrate CORSIA within the EU ETS system in order to be aligned with the EU’s 2030 climate targets. The initiative assesses different policy options on the implementation:

  1. EU ETS full legal scope
  2. Intra-EU/EFTA ETS only
  3. CORSIA only
  4. ETS-CORSIA ‘clean cut’
  5. ETS-CORSIA ‘mix’
  6. ETS-CORSIA ‘mix’ according to licence of aircraft operators

The initiative will also propose to increase the number of allowances being auctioned under the System as far as aircraft operators are concerned and therefore a reduction of the free allowances allocated to airlines. There will be an examination of the following policy options:

  1. Status quo
  2. Immediate phase out
  3. Swift phase out
  4. Slow phase out
  5. Slow reduction

An impact assessment is also underway and will be completed by the end of the year.

Non-legislative: Communication from the Commission on the EU Strategy for Sustainable and smart mobility

The strategy will build on the Green Deal initiatives that have been already adopted by the Commission for the recovery of the sector. It will set a roadmap towards European mobility that is fit for a green and digital future, resilient and that leaves nobody behind. The strategy will set a clear policy framework to:

  • Reap the benefits of clean mobility for citizens and Europe’s industrial competitiveness by reducing the sector’s GHG emissions by 90 per cent by 2050 and significantly reducing air pollution and overall environmental footprint of transport activities.
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities digitalisation and automation present to achieve sustainable, efficient, seamless, smart and safe mobility across the transport modes;
  • Identify actions to revitalise and strengthen the Single Market for transport and smooth connectivity for citizens and businesses in order to give a further boost to industrial competitiveness; actions to build a flexible, resilient transport system that can maintain the cross-border flow of persons and goods during future crises.
  • Mobilise research and foster innovations and set the right regulatory and non-regulatory framework for a leading European transport industry, both in clean and connected mobility.
  • Ensure a just transition and mobility that is fair, attractive, accessible and affordable.

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