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ERA supports reinforcement of flight efficiency principles


Reinforcement of principles to facilitate CDO-CCO and more direct routings.pdf

As a result of the sudden drop in demand due to the COVID-19 crisis, ERA, along with A4E, AIRE, ECA and the Network Directors of Operations have supported an initiative led by IATA,CANSO alongside the CCO/CDO Task Force to raise awareness on the reinforcement of  the principles to facilitate and encourage CDO/CCO  and more direct routings.

The ‘raising awareness on the reinforcement of principles to facilitate and encourage continuous descent and continuous climb operations (CDO/CCO) and more direct routings during COVID-19 crisis’ initiative is aimed at optimising flight profiles during the climb and descent phase until cruise level respectively from Top of Descent, thereby reducing the fuel burn of flights.

Pilots are requested to take note of the following actions and are actively being encouraged to use them in order to gain the best efficiencies possible. There are:

  • Request direct routing on first contact and level change when changes to optimal FL indicated by FMS
  • Request CDO / CCO if not offered by ATCO
  • Request Distance to Go (DTG) if it is not provided by ATC
  • Request validity of any expected speed / altitude constraints if not informed by ATC
  • Inform ATC of optimal ToD point IF expected initial descent point is prior to optimal ToD especially when initial descent is conducted in cross-border operations
  • Inform ATC of planned ToD if descent clearance is not received 10nm before planned ToD
  • Expect ATC to provide conditional clearances i.e. “descend when ready….”
  • Request further climb / descent if approaching cleared level.

Agreed actions have also been communicated to Air Navigation Service Providers and air traffic controllers. Full details can be downloaded from the top of this page.

EUROCONTROL monitor all CCO/CDO profiles of all flights at airports in the network, and it is hoped that through these combined actions, we will see a significant increase in aircraft flying more unconstrained profiles during the current period of reduced demand.

The initiative is subject to regular review based on how traffic levels recover over the forthcoming weeks and months.