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ERA signs joint stakeholder declaration on the future of the Single European Sky (SES)

ERA, with other representatives of the ATM stakeholders, has signed a joint declaration recognising that, as a result of how the ATM network in Europe currently operates, it has reached serious capacity problems and that there is a pressing need to prepare for its longer-term future.

All stakeholders have committed to intensify efforts to realise the full environmental benefit of the Single European Sky, and to developing a roadmap on the human role in facilitating the transition to the new digital ATM environment, including staffing and training. In addition, they commit to continued work with operational stakeholders on addressing short-term capacity, and finally play a proactive role in the implementation of measures to improve the ATM network as a whole.

All stakeholders call upon European institutions and the Member States to consider the steps necessary to achieve the goals of the SES, assessing their potential impact, costs and benefits; and, to simplify the regulatory framework allowing an effective response to present and future needs.


Download the full document from this page.