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ERA Policy Asks

ERA (European Regions Airline Association) is a trade association representing the European aviation industry. Our membership includes 50+ airlines and 150+ associate members who jointly cover the entire spectrum of the aviation sector – airlines, airports, manufacturers and suppliers. Small to medium-sized airlines operating regional routes provide unparalleled value and must be viewed differently for a variety of reasons. They provide vital direct connectivity from secondary to secondary destinations or linking regional airports to main hubs, as alternative
modes of transport to flying do not often equate to public transport such as trains, but more likely the use of cars. Further to this, for many parts of Europe, such as remote locations, islands or sparsely-populated areas, there is no viable alternative to flying.
In the current economic and regulatory situation, ERA member airlines face numerous challenges and the importance of protecting the competition for this airline segment in Europe has never been more urgent. In order to protect air transport and continue to provide vital connections to the citizens of Europe, ERA calls for action in the outlined policy areas.

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