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ERA lobbies EASA SAB over EU261

Following on from the publication of the ERA study on EU261, ERA representatives were able to outline in more detail our position at the recent EASA Stakeholder Advisory Board held in Cologne at the end of February.

ERA attended the recent EASA Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) held in Cologne. EASA had previously acknowledged the ERA study on EU261, and although changing the regulation is outside of their scope, they could potentially support certain aspects. Thanks to sustained efforts over the past few months, ERA was given some dedicated time to detail our position relating to EU261 and safety.

It was reassuring to note that there was positive acknowledgement from the other operator associations and from Aircraft Engineers International (AEI) regarding the ERA recommendations in the context of EU261. Whilst there are some concerns raised about implicitly connecting pressure from the legislation to flight deck decision making, it was noted that would be challenging to hold a position to say it absolutely could not have an effect. Subsequently, it was agreed to explore with a way to promote a SAB white paper supporting the Croatian proposed amendments.

We will keep you posted on progress.