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ERA holds bilateral with EUROCONTROL regarding KPI dashboard

Last week, ERA held initial discussions with the Network Manager regarding the creation of an ERA Air Traffic Management (ATM) ‘dashboard’, to display quickly both high-level and granular views of how member airlines are performing in the context of ATM demand, capacity (delay) and environmental KPIs.

With one eye on the next phase of the COVID-19 crisis and the slow recovery of the industry, ERA and the Network Manager (NM) have begun initial discussions on the creation of an ERA ATM dashboard.

In recent years, EUROCONTROL have made significant leaps in their reporting and big data capabilities which now means tailor-made dashboards can be created giving an overview and detailed insights regarding airline performance in an ATM context. Whilst the Network Manager Interactive Reporting tool is available for airlines (link -, obtaining data at association level is not easy to access and can take some considerable effort.

To that end, exploratory conversations have been undertaken with the NM to ascertain what data can be delivered to ERA and the wider airline membership through a tailor-made portal. The main focus was around demand and capacity metrics, whereby the possibility exists to retrieve detailed information regarding flights flown, total ATM delay and so on, alongside individual ANSP performance and Network indicators. In addition to the demand/capacity insights, environmental metrics were also discussed. Areas that are under consideration include CCO/CDO performance, the impacts of rerouting and flight level caps and comparisons between filed and flown trajectories and the impacts/benefits therein.

The project is very much in its infancy, with a number of aspects still to be defined including accessibility, however as we move towards the recovery phase, it is a worthwhile effort to see what can be done to harness the data, insights and intelligence that EUROCONTROL has in order to better serve our membership in the future.