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EASA and EUROCONTROL initiate COVID-19 recovery planning


Questionnaire RNO 2020.04.06 ERA.docx

EASA and EUROCONTROL have started initial discussions with industry stakeholders in developing effective recovery planning in the context of COVID-19. Both agencies have committed to work extremely closely with ERA and other airspace user associations in the context of business continuity and considering the latest traffic evolutions.

The COVID-19 crisis has seen a 90 per cent drop in flight demand and whilst it is clear that suspending flights has been, and continues to be very challenging for everyone concerned, managing the recovery phase will also be extremely complex and spread over a number of weeks / months.

Last week, both EASA and EUROCONTROL kicked off their respective COVID-19 recovery projects. EASA have established the ‘Return to Normal Operations’ (RNO) process, with EUROCONTROL have launched the Network Operations 2020 Recover Plan.

Currently in the scoping phase, both agencies have requested that continuous feedback is required from the airspace users through their respective associations.

EASA have already issued a template (available for members to download from the top of this page) to help with the identification and communication of problems experienced or likely to be experienced by members. This will facilitate the speedy processing and analysis of the various inputs. EASA are also working now to establish a digital platform that will enable quick exchange of information and collaborative working solutions.

It  is completely understood how fluid the situation is with regards to future schedule planning, however having as reliable as possible demand data as we move into the remainder of the year is going to play a critical part in being able to adjust the capacity of the network in order to deliver operations with minimal constraints.

EUROCONTROL have therefore requested to have as much schedule data as possible from the airlines as possible. Any schedule data airlines can supply to the Network Manager would be highly appreciated.

In both to these cases, please send any feedback or input to Nick Rhodes, ERA Head of Operations, Safety and Infrastructure at where it will be forwarded onto the appropriate agency and fed into the recovery planning process.