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16NOV Airborne Requirements from the SPI Regulation

Latest update 06 August 2019


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ERA’S Current Position

The mandate for retrofit compliance for installation of ADS-B transponders to meet the Enhanced Surveillance Requirement of (EU) Regulation 1207/2011 and subsequent amendments including (EU) 1028/2014 is set for 7 June 2020. 

The requirement to retrofit some types would be burdensome for some regional airlines, where retrofitting ADS-B equipment can be disproportionately expensive, and in any event, some of which aircraft are planned for retirement soon after the implementation deadline.

ERA  has devoted considerable time working with the European Commission, EASA and other stakeholders to seek practical, proportionate mitigating measures toward the implementation of EU Regulation 1207/2011 and subsequent amendments concerning enhanced airborne surveillance, and specifically ADS-B retrofit requirements for member airlines by 7 June 2020.

ERA's Operations Group co-ordinated an ADS-B compliance survey on behalf of the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM). This survey showed that of the 289 regional aircraft captured, only 43 (14.9 per cent) were equipped and that less than 20 per cent of civil airspace users who responded to the SDM survey have equipped with ADS-B so far. Despite the apparent low numbers however, it appears that many ERA members will meet the compliance date next year but there remains a significant number of aircraft for which retrofit will not be possible in time.

Through the consolidated work of ERA’s Operations Group and collaborative efforts with other industry stakeholders, the European Commission has accepted that although the mandate must remain, reasonably justified exemptions, judged on a case-by-case basis, may now be considered. The Commission is yet to grant exemptions or sensibly discuss with stakeholders and ERA continues to lobby in favour of a decision as soon as possible.

The SESAR Deployment Manager, tasked with the function of managing the implementation, along with ERA’s Operations Group, will work closely with members to assist both compliance and exemptions, when and if permitted as necessary.