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Ground Handling


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Latest update 24 January 2020


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ERA’s Current Position

ERA continues to monitor any regulatory proposals regarding ground handling.

The Directorate regularly attends the UK’s Ground Handling Operations Safety Team (GHOST), a multi-disciplined group set up by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and industry stakeholders to mitigate the safety risks from ground handling along with the support of numerous activities.  The group agrees approaches which could be in the form of a new high profile initiative or project, and provides clarity or enhanced guidance to an existing regulation, policy or procedure.


Latest update 24/01/2020: The 47th meeting of GHOST was held in Leeds, UK on 4-5 December 2019. The meeting covered numerous ground handling issues, including updates from the GHOST subgroups, training for hazard perception, the insider threat, reducing aircraft/GSE damage and a safety ‘swap shop’. In addition, the GHOSTWATCH session provided a round-up of notable industry ground operations-related events.  The meeting pack is now available to view via the downloads section.

04/04/2019:  With ground handling falling under EASA’s remit as part of the revised Basic Regulation, a conference was held on 7 March 2019 in Cologne to discuss how the agency can implement the necessary regulatory steps. The conference was formulated around six main areas; SMS, Operational Standards, Regulatory Oversight, Ground Support Equipment, Staff Turnover and Training. A summary of the conference is available to view via the Downloads section.


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