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Latest COVID-19 Industry Charter Monitoring Overview

Latest COVID-19 Industry Charter Monitoring Overview

5 October 2021: The EASA Aviation Charter was created in late May 2020 following the publication of the initial EASA/ECDC Aviation Health Safety Protocol (AHSP) that provided operational guidelines designed to assist aircraft operators, airports and NAAs in the protection of the health and safety of passengers, crew and staff whilst maintaining safe and secure operations.

In support of the AHSP, ERA signed a joint co-operation agreement with EASA to monitor and promote the implementation of these operational guidelines in order to facilitate the recovery of air travel. The Charter also established a feedback loop on the performance of the measures implemented, to fine tune and improve the guidance in the light of operational experience and of the expected increase in traffic volumes.

Following an internal EASA review of the data provided by the signatories of the EASA COVID-19 Aviation Industry Charter in the period July 2020 - June 2021, (including 11 ERA member airlines) EASA has now shared the latest overview of the EASA Programme to monitor the implementation of the AHSP.

EASA, through the Stakeholder Advisory Body, has informed ERA that as the aviation sector is now transitioning to a ‘new normal’, plans are now underway to phase out this activity in the near future.

EASA will continue to monitor closely the performance of the sector in co-operation with all stakeholders and look forward to the continued joint efforts to support the recovery of the aviation sector.

Thank you to all ERA signatories of the EASA COVID-19 Aviation Industry Charter who supported this important activity with their data over the past 15 months.

To access the latest overview, please click here.