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SESAR Deployment Manager 2021 annual monitoring exercise

SESAR Deployment Manager 2021 annual monitoring exercise

2 November 2021: The SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) is mandated by the European Commission to report on the progress initially with the implementation of the Pilot Common Project and later the progress on Common Project One

This task is challenging for the SDM in a normal year, however in 2020 they undertook a more minimal approach given the difficulty of reaching all airlines. Thus, with some positive activity this year they are hoping to have a wider response given most airlines are now opening their operations again.

The SDM has therefore approached ERA asking for airline members’ support and to that end, please see the below Excel template where representatives can provide their comments and input.

Whilst the timing is not ideal, the mandate of the SDM comes to an end in May 2022, and therefore it has been decided that they do not have the opportunity to postpone this request any longer. 

The template itself has been structured to be as simple and straightforward as possible, thereby making a fairly quick task to complete. There are two sections, SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP) ‘families’ which cover questions related the technical requirements that shall be implemented by stakeholders. These cover Free Route Airspace, Short Term ATFCM Measures (STAM), Rolling Network Operations Plan, AIS and information exchange. The second section is a survey related to Datalink, focussing on the usage of ATS and AOC service, and future pans about the intended use of complementary technologies such as SatCOM.

Please send your completed monitoring template to, no later than COB on 16 December 2021. ERA will collate all the responses and will forward to the SDM accordingly.

Please note that all responses will be kept in confidence and only the high-level results will be shared with the European Commission and other agencies.