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EASA consultation – socioeconomic review

EASA consultation – socioeconomic review

15 October 2021: Over the summer, ERA was approached by EASA to engage in and contribute to a draft report addressing socioeconomic risks to aviation safety as per the requirement of the EASA Basic Regulation. The draft report is now ready for consultation with members.

Article 89 of the EASA Basic Regulation (Regulation EC  2018/1139) requires “the Commission, the Agency, other Union institutions bodies, offices and agencies and the Member States” to “co-operate with a view to ensuring that interdependencies between civil aviation safety and related socioeconomic factors are taken into account including in regulatory procedures, oversight and implementation of just culture […] to address socioeconomic risks to aviation safety.”

It further requires the Agency to publish a review every three years “which shall give an objective account of the actions and measures undertaken, in particular those addressing the interdependencies between civil aviation safety and socioeconomic factors”.

EASA, through the Stakeholder Advisory Body have now shared their draft report and would be happy to receive your comments Please provide your feedback to no later than COB on 11 November.

As explained in the document, and in accordance with Art. 89, this review consists in an “objective account of actions and measures taken”; it does not discuss future priorities and actions, as this will have to be done under the next EPAS cycle. This report will therefore serve as a basis for the discussion on future EPAS actions.

Thank you in advance for you inputs and we look forward to your feedback.