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Commission holds CNS infrastructure workshop

Commission holds CNS infrastructure workshop

15 June 2021: DG MOVE held a workshop following up on the 11 recommendations put forward by the CNS Advisory Group on 7 May 2021.

These recommendations are:

  • Translate the Master Plan’s CNS roadmap into a ‘CNS evolution plan’ with short, medium, and long-term objectives/priorities.
  • Improve cost-efficiency through rationalisation, including decommissioning of CNS facilities.
  • Implement CNS infrastructure applying a performance-based approach in a way that is simple and cost-efficient.
  • Conceive an integrated CNS evolution maximising synergies and addressing security for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance services.
  • Develop a long-term EU strategy and policy to improve aviation spectrum efficiency as a driver of the CNS evolution.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the CNS infrastructure to maximise aviation's contribution to achieving European net zero carbon emissions targets.
  • Demonstrate operational and technical interoperability and scalability of the infrastructure before deployment.
  • Develop robust CNS implementation business cases involving stakeholders at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Ensure smart use of incentives to support stakeholders in their implementation of the CNS evolution plan…
  • Apply a smart(er) approach when developing technical CNS regulations to support the implementation of the CNS evolution plan.
  • Establish a holistic CNS programme management to ensure successful implementation of the CNS evolution plan.

Whilst the recommendations are supported in principle, further clarification is required on the technical action plan and on the governance and incentive mechanisms.

Subsequently, ERA along with the main European associations, and led / co-ordinated by IATA, have produced a common airspace user position on the report, which can be found here.

The presentation from the workshop can be accessed here.

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